Science Exhibition

The school organized science exhibition on 06 Aug 2016. The exhibition was clubbed with, “Parent –Teacher Meet”, so that maximum number of parents could also see the models prepared by their wards. The students prepared models in Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Geography. There were more than 50 models. The students took keen interest in preparing models, which exhibited their innovative skills, vision and application of knowledge gained in the class. They were guided by Ms Kanta, PGT Phy., Ms Nandini, PGT Chem., Ms Ritul, PGT Bio. and Mr. Rakesh, PGT Geo.

The exhibition was judged by panel of judge. The result of winners was as under:-


SerNo Name of  Students Class Topic Working on Non working (10) Presentation by the students(10) Innovative Idea(10) Total(30) Position
1. Gaurav VII-B Wind Mill 10 10 10 30 First
2. Sajan VIII-B Hydraulic JCB 10 10 10 30 First
3 Sahil VIII-A Sound Energy to Electric Energy 10 09 10 29 Second
4 Tannuj VIII_A Volcano 10 09 09 28 Third
5 Divya VIII-A Working of Hydraulic 09 08 10 27 Third
6 Ankit X-B Solar Energy 09 08 07 24 Third