┬áThe pre-primary class was launched in the school this academic session on popular demands of the parents . The parents had been requesting the managment to start pre-primary classes in the school for children below three years of age.The school started admission in pre primary classes and called all the parents of primary students to acquint them with benefits of pre- primary education and the steps proposed to be taken by the school to make pre -primary education a learning pleasure. Colonel Ranbir Singh Jakher , Director – Principal gave presentation to the parents and staff . In his presentation Col Ranbir Singh Jakher said that the growth of brain at the age of one to four years is fastest and hence the child at this age is not only fast learner but also keen observer and inquisitive. Thus it is imperative for all of us to put the child in best learning environment.The child learns to adjust at a young age and becomes familiar with school , fellow students and teachers. All this helps in healthy mental , physical and emotional development . After presentation made by Colonel Ranbiir Singh Jakher the students of primary wing put a short cultural program which was applauded by all the parents who were present in large numbers. At the end Brigadier Satya Dev addressed the parents and students , he assured all the parents that he is committed to provide best of education to all the children entrusted to them . He is always alive to the need of rural children and hence he is more keen than any one else to see them progress and become good citizens of the country.