9Our Founding Fathers.
         Gurukul Matindu ,one of the oldest educational institutions in India , is the brain child of Ch Peeru Singh ,an Arya Samajee reformist and freedom fighter belonging to village Matindu of district Sonipat ,Haryana.It was established on 20 Jan 1915 with laying of its foundation stone by Swami Shardanand , a renowned Arya Samajee Educationalist . During the days of freedom movement Ch Peeru Singh envisioned to eradicate the social evils plaguing the rural masses ,uplift them through education and churn out freedom fighters who will be instrumental in freeing India from the shackles of British Raj.This pious thought, foresight and vision was ably shared and supported by his younger brother , Ch Shiv Karan. They with missionary zeal established the present day Gurukul one hundred years ago.The Gurukul kept moving on its journey of service to the society and the country by producing martyrs and socially responsible citizens who  contributed to the well-being of the country.Over the years the Gurukul has been providing philanthropic services basically in the field of education.To be in sync with the global education the present day Gurukul Matindu is innovative, progressive and contemporary in approach.It is now functioning under the watchful eyes of Brig Satya Dev who is the Chairman of ,’Shiksha Parishad Gurukul Matindu,’ The Gurukul Matindu is now named as Modern Gurukul Senior Secondary school Matindu and is affiliated to Central Board of Secondary Education , New Delhi. It provides robust,vibrant and holistic education and promotes intellectual , social and cultural vivacity among its students.The infrastructure of the school is better than the best in the northern region.Blend of traditional values and modern outlook make this institution distinctive.