Location & Campus

 The Modern Gurukul Senior Secondary School Matindu’s campus is spread over lush green salubrious area 28 acres of land. It is situated on the bank of a canal with green fields all around. It is away from all  kinds of pollutions and distractions that are prevalent in towns,cities or villages posing hindrances in imparting education.The learning takes place in peaceful and tranquil environs. It is about 7 Km from the near by town of Kharkhoda , 20 Km from Sonepat and 26 Km from Rohtak.It is well connected by roads which run like spider web all around.The historical campus, since its foundation day, proudly preserves its legacy of old buildings and architecture.However need based infrastructure has been added to keep pace with the changing essential educational requirements.New academic block for senior classes, separate academic block for primary classes, multi-purpose auditorium , accommodation for staff  etc have been added to the hither to fore existing buildings.

    ‘Gurukul Matindu’ ,appears on Google and survey map of India maps.



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