Chairman’s Message


The present Chairman Brig (Rtd) Satya Dev belongs to the lineage of the founder family. With his dedication and sincerity towards the students of rural area, he is determined to ensure a bright future for the present generation. His hard work, professionalism and progressive outlook, have stimulated the institution into a dynamic organisation.


The Centenary year of the institute has been a reminder of the foresightedness of our founders. We are proud to be a part of the long tradition where the role of education in bringing social change has been recognized. We are also humbled by the social recognition that the institute has successfully perceived the change of the hour and has acted accordingly.
The Gurukul Matindu family fondly remembers the sacrifies of the past and understands that we are responsible to add to the glory, build a legacy worth following.

Wishing health and happiness

Brig. Satya Dev